8 Beautiful Ways To Use Baby’s Breath Flower In Your Wedding Décor


When most people think about baby’s breath, they just see it as a filler flower. However, in our opinion, it can be one of the best flowers you can use in your wedding décor.

While you may not like the baby’s breath flower so much when you see it alone, the truth is that you can take a bunch and form a beautiful cloud-like quality that gas a romantic and soft feel which is perfect for weddings.

One of the main advantages of using baby’s breath in your wedding décor is that it’s pretty affordable especially when you compare it with peonies or garden roses. Besides, they tend to last for a very long time.

But how exactly can you use baby’s breath in your wedding decoration?

8 Beautiful Ways To Use Baby’s Breath In Your Wedding Décor

#1: Wear It In Your Hair:

wedding hairstyle with baby's breath flowers

When you are looking for a romantic look, you will look beautiful if you add sprigs of baby’s breath throughout a braid, for example. You can wear the traditional veil only in the church or you may even ditch it completely and surprise everyone.

#2: Add Some Accessories To Your Furry Friends:

dog in a flower crown

If you have pets and they will be attending the ceremony, then you can also use the baby’s breath flower on them. You can simply make some decorative collars or even crowns.

#3: The Ethereal Arch


There’s no question that if you’re looking for a romantic wedding, an ethereal arch is absolutely a must. So, you can use some fluffy tufts of baby’s breath entwined throughout a wooden arch. This beautiful flower adds softness and has a romantic, ethereal quality.

#4: Line The Aisle:

baby's breath wedding aisle

If you’re getting married outdoors, then you want to ensure that you have some sort of separation between the aisle and the guests. So, you can certainly use the beautiful baby’s breath bursts to create an even more beautiful environment.

#5: Don’t Forget About The Bar:

baby's breath-bar-decor

With more and more people preferring to have their venue outdoors, then you need to think about some details like the bar. Instead of having just someone in there, you can also make it more fun and decorate it with baby’s breath. Did you know baby’s breath is available in painted colors, such as Pink Baby’s Breath Flowers or Blue Baby’s Breath Flowers.

#6: The Flower Girls:


Flower girls are very important in your ceremony. You probably already have their dresses all figured out but there is always some space for a unique touch. Instead of giving them the traditional basket of petals, you can simply use the baby’s breath flowers to create big hearts instead.

#7: Build A Custom Sign:


If you just love a specific sign and you would like to have it on-site, you can easily do so. After all, baby’s breath flowers are very moldable and you’ll be able to create it easily.

#8: Add A Unique Touch To Your cocktails:

babys- breath-drink-garnish

When it’s time to serve the champagne or any other cocktails, you can make it even more special by adding a more unexpected and romantic twist – baby’s breath sprigs.