Flowering Kale

Kale Flower

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Kale have a tall upright stem with a large flower head that makes them perfect for adding a distinctive touch to bouquet creations. They are a versatile focal flower with dark green leaves that surround the center, enhancing its color and creating a wonderful contrast. Kale creates a very natural and captivating farm-to-table look. The leafy blooms add texture and personality and are perfect for do-it-yourself weddings and special events. Also known as flowering Kale ornamental cabbage.

Blossoming Kale flowers will make a characteristic and dazzling farmhouse to city table look. These colorful blossoms can be utilized as a striking central or filler bloom. The verdant sprouts include surface and character and are ideal for that natural organic style of flower arrangement.

Ornamental Kale Cabbage Flowers for centerpieces and bouquets.