How to Make a Bouquet of Roses


Diy Instructions on how to make a bouquet of roses.

A lot of people who enjoy Sushi at a nice restaurant wonder, why it’s so expensive, it’s only raw fish!

What does Sushi have to do with diy wedding flowers? The factor that drives up the cost of Restaurant Sushi just like in Flowers, is the cost of labor in the preparation.

Most of us will never be a great Sushi chef or a five star floral designer; however, we all have the ability to follow simple instructions. And many of us enjoy working with flowers or have family and friends to help. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have beautiful wedding flowers or stunning flower arrangements at your special event.


Bouquet of Roses: The Basics

A modest single-flower bouquet with classic round shape is actually easy to make. It is not only beautiful but also suit on most wedding dresses. Use flowers with strong stems like roses, as it will be stick still during the day. If you want to have a bouquet about 8 inches in diameter, just follow the steps below. It will take between 30 to 60 minutes to accomplish and you need around 30 to 60 stems.  



30 to 60 stems of firm flower like roses (20 to 40 for each bouquet for bridesmaid); Bucket Paper towels Ribbon (in a complementary color); 1 to 2 inches wide Rubber bands or green waxed floral tape; Good cutter; Stem stripper; Straight pins or pearl-tipped corsage pins.

STEP 1: Preparing the Flowers

Use the stem stripper to clean the thorns or leafage, and pull out the ugly petals. Cut the stems in just 2 inches, and soak it in a bucket of water for some minutes. If the heads haven’t bloom yet, soak the stems in hot water for a short time. Once you accomplished the bouquet, you can trim the stems again.


STEP 2: Arranging the Flowers 

Hold one stem at a time with one hand, and clutch the other flowers with another hand. Collect four flowers at an even height in a square shape – it will be the main point of the bouquet. Adjust the other flowers around the center to create a fully round shape. Better to do it while facing a mirror to check the shape progress.


STEP 3: Tightening the Bouquet

Use a rubber band or floral tape to tie up the stems around 3 to 4 inches below the flower heads. Bundle it again on the end of the stems, give space about 2 inches of excess stem to cut later. Place the stems in water and tuck them later or go on to Step 4.


STEP 4: Finish the Handle

Now make sure all the stem ends have same length, around 7 to 8 inches long. Dry off the stems with a paper towel. Prepare the ribbon which three times as the stems length. Tuck the ribbon tip inside the top bind and wrap the stems down. As it goes to the bottom, wrap again to the top of the stem. Then squeeze the ribbon underneath and lock it with some pins on the ribbons piercing the stems. You can also make a bow by cutting some ribbon and bind it under the flower heads.    


STEP 5: Preserving the Bouquet

After packing the bouquet in tissue, put it in the refrigerator until the time you are about to use it. For absolute beauty, try to create the bouquet in the morning of the wedding. Once it is accomplished, put the end of the stems in water for some time and spray some water to the petals.

The above information is adapted from The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers (Chronicle Books, 2003). PHOTO CREDITS Flowers prepared by Peter M. Krask; photos by Wendell Webber.

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