Liatris Flower

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Liatris flowers are an electric purple flower with grassy foliage and fuzzy, bottle-brush flowerets. Commonly known as Blazing Star or Gayfeather, this North American wildflower makes an attractive addition to inventive floral bouquets.

Liatris Flower



Whether you call it by its botanical name, Liatris, or one of the more popular common names (Blazing Star or Gayfeather), you got to love the distinctiveness of this flower. Liatris has the odd habit of opening its fluffy flowers from the top of the spike down, instead of the other way around, as most flowers do. In recent years, florists have discovered the dramatic look of this purple-spiked beauty and have used it extensively in their more unusual arrangements, where its often paired with focal flowers such as Carnations and Roses.