7 Romantic Ways To Use Fresh Rose Petals


When you think of romance you think of rose petals, especially fresh rose petals. No matter the color, when you are looking to surprise your partner, this is something you can definitely use.

If you are thinking about surprising your loved one but you’re not sure how to use rose petals, then keep reading. We are about to show you how you can use them in unique and creative ways.

7 Romantic Ways To Use Fresh Rose Petals

#1: Spell The Word:


One of the ways you can use roses petals to express your love is simply by spelling the word with petals. No matter if it “Love”, “I Love You”, or “Will You Marry Me?” it will look absolutely beautiful.

#2: Fill A Drawer With Petals:

When you are looking to make a special surprise for your partner, you can simply fill one drawer he uses and fill it up with fresh rose petals. You can then hide an even more special gift below. No matter if it’s a box of chocolates, jewelry, or anything you want.

#3: Decorate A Hotel Room:


Sometimes, couples need to take a break from the routine. So, you may decide to spend a night (or a couple of nights) in a hotel. So, you can make this celebration even more special by decorating the room with rose petals.

#4: Make A Romantic Pathway:


The truth is that you don’t need any date or special occasion to show your love for your partner. In fact, you should celebrate every day the fact that you’re together. So, one of the things you can do to surprise your partner is to simply make a romantic pathway with rose petals until somewhere you want him or her to go. It may be a table where you’re going to have a romantic meal, to the bathroom where the bath is ready, or simply to the bedroom. It’s up to you.

#5: The Bathtub:


Talking about bathtubs, this one is a classic. The reality is that rose petals really add something to a bathtub. Not only do they look luxurious as they are also beautiful and romantic. If you add to this some candles for mood lighting, you have the entire environment set for a romantic evening.

#6: Decorate The Bed:

Rose Petal Bed Decoration

When you want to play it safe, then spelling the word “Love” or simply drawing a heart with fresh rose petals is for you. After all, the bed is already a romantic place. So, by adding the fresh red rose petals, you’ll be making it an extra-night of pure love and romanticism.

#7: Package A Gift:


If you want to turn a more affordable gift into a gift your partner won’t ever forget, then you can package it with fresh rose petals in the box. You can be sure he or she is going to love it. Visit our Rose Petal Collection.