Rose Petals

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Our real petals are soft and beautiful with a velvet feel to the touch. Our petals have a natural romantic aroma, soft scent. Unlike other vendors, only premium petals go into our bags. No ugly discolored or bruise petals. Our fresh petals are a beautiful touch for weddings or any romantic occasion. Remember to order extra ones for your honeymoon or for a romantic weekend getaway. Here are some romantic ideas. Make a romantic petal trail leading to the bedroom. Scatter the petals on a candle lit table for two. Scatter petals on bed and pillows. Add them to a romantic bubble bath. Use petal to make romantic trails and walkways. Petals will stay fresh for 7 days, when kept in sealed bags and kept in a refrigerator. Unlike cheap petals available online, our petals are NOT swept off a dirty floor, or older discolored petals. Our petals are beautiful premium petals that have never touched the floor or discarded petals from a florist. Only the best petals go into our petal bags. When quality matters for your wedding, event or special occasion, our fresh petals are the best! Consider adding petals to your list of wedding flowers. We offer a 3,000 petals bag and our most popular seller is the 6,000 petal bag. A bag of one gallon of red petals  approx. 500 petals is available too. The following are amount suggestions: 1,000 petals per 25-30 guests for petal tossing. 1,000 petals will fill a large flower girl basket or will decorate ten 8 foot tables. A 3,000 petals bag will give you approx. 10' by 15' (regular size room) light coverage. Use petal to make romantic trails and walkways. Eliminate moisture from external surfaces of petals. Spread the petals out on a paper towel or cloth and lightly pat them with a paper towel or cloth to remove any excess moisture. While the freshest petals are full of moisture on the inside, too much moisture on their outsides can compromise their freshness, causing them to become soggy, moldy and discolored. Line the inside of the petal bag with paper towels to absorb excess moisture from the petals. Store petals in sealed bags. · Keep them in a cool place when not in use. A refrigerator is an ideal location to store fresh petals. Make sure the refrigerator is not too cold, which may cause the petals to freeze; once they thaw, they will be soggy and discolored, so avoid storing under 35F.