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Orange Tinted Wax Flowers

Though Wax Flowers may look simple and fragile it can be used in combination with other flowers such as roses to create an impressive cascading appearance. This floral arrangement is ideal for a bride to carry at a wedding and as a florist designer you need special flowers for the event. We supply roses and wax flowers wholesale with a limitless supply from growers. Our Wax Flowers are fresh, clean and ready for use with immediate transportation provided on short notice to wherever they are needed. They are perfectly suited for weddings, conferences, business dinner or award night plus a host of other special events.

Buy Wholesale Bulk Fresh Cut Wax Flowers Online.


Available year round.


  • Multiple tiny blooms per stem
  • Packed 10 stems per bunch
  • Minimum stem length of 20”
  • Vase life average 10+ days

We suggest scheduling the flowers to arrive 2 days before your event in order to allow the flowers to hydrate and open in time for your event. Please visit our Fresh Flower Care link below for information and tips to ensure best flower performance. All images are from the actual flowers, due to weather conditions and different display settings, the shade may vary to a small degree from product image shown.