Preserved Roses 120 Heads

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Preserved Rose Buds

  • 120 Preserved Rose Heads, $3.75 ea.

This product ships by FedEx ground, allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

To ensure the best quality in preserved roses, this is not a product we have in stock. Roses are cultivated and preserved at the farm, made to order. Please allow two weeks for delivery. Most orders are delivered within 10 business days. Please contact us if you need a rush order, additional expedite shipping fees will apply. This product is shipped by FedEx ground. An estimated delivery date and tracking number will be provided when product gets shipped.

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are natural roses that undergo different conditions to allow preservation, without jeopardizing the rose’s natural beauty. This preservation process is done by injecting the rose with organic preserving solutions and coloring to enhance appearance.

More Details

Design your own arrangements by choosing from multiple vibrant rose colors. Please note that since these flowers are 100% natural, the actual color and size may vary slightly from the pictures on this web site. The flowers will continue to absorb moisture from the air for 2 months or longer. Once the flowers lose the ability to retain their own moisture, and to absorb moisture from the air, they will gradually fade like regular non preserved flowers. If you keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and in an air conditioned area, we have experienced the flowers to last longer than 6 months. Remember there is no maintenance required. If Preserved Roses accidentally come in contact with water, they will not last as the petals will absorb too much moisture.

No Compromises in Quality Compared to Fresh Roses.

We are committed to offering the highest quality in Luxury Preserved Roses.

We begin our quality control by cultivating fresh roses in Ecuador under ideal conditions to meet our size and quality standards. Before the preservation process, we inspect each flower’s size, freshness and appearance, and only process those flowers that pass our strict criteria. Each flower is inspected after the preservation process is complete and before delivery to ensure that our clients only receive our best Preserved Roses.


A little bit of tender loving care goes a long way.

To keep your preserved roses looking bright and beautiful, Do Not Store or Display in humid or wet environment (such as restrooms). Indoor air conditioned room display use only. Never water preserved flowers, if they come in contact with water, they will absorb the moisture and cause the flowers to look translucent, or have slight damp spots. If you have accidentally wet your preserved flowers, do not panic! Just leave it to dry, overnight in an air-conditioned room and should return back to it’s beautiful self the next day. If you own a dehumidifier, that would also help with returning your preserved flowers back to its original, dry state.

Do follow our care instructions below :

Do NOT water

Do NOT expose to direct sunlight or strong lighting

AVOID direct contact with anything wet, color may run and stain fabrics.

Store and display at temperatures range 60F - 75F

Don't store or display in high humidity places

Blow with cool air hairdryer from a moderate distance if dusty. Avoid excessive touching, squeezing.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

All of our preserved roses are custom produced and made to order. Therefore, our preserved roses may NOT be returned or exchanged unless they were damaged in transit or wrong item was shipped you. Note, we are not responsible if YOU selected the wrong color, please DOUBLE CHECK your color selection before submitting your order. Any issues must be reported within 24 hrs of receiving the product. A delivery signature is required, no signature to confirm time of delivery will void any quality guarantee. Once you submit your order, a 15% cancellation fee will apply if you request to cancel order.


All natural flowers have slight variances in color and in shape. This is a delicate product and great care is taken in packaging, however on rare occasion a couple of broken heads or lose petals is possible. Our pricing factors in damage of a couple of rose heads. We don't recommend preserved roses be use to make bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres. Preserved roses contain natural coloring that may stain fabrics such as wedding dresses or tuxedos. We are not responsible for any damage as a direct or indirect result.

If using to make bouquets or other floral arrangements that may come in contact with fabrics, it's at customer's own risk. Care must me exercised to minimize the possible transfer of color.