Foliage and Greenery

Greenery and Foliage

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Lush Foliage and Crisp Greenery

Beautifully color flowers are not the only enticing decorative designs that can be configured to offer aesthetic decor. Green leaves and Foliage stems can create an equally alluring attraction. Foliage can come in singular, small or large bunches designed to suit specific occasions. Greenery Leaves and Foliage stems placed in containers can give a table an elegant look at a lower cost. They are as sturdy and lasting as flowers with stem and can stay fresh as long as flowers when immersed in a water-filled container. An attractive lush of Greenery will create zest and vitality against a backdrop of white and can liven up even a large room.

From Eucalyptus to Palms, we have the Greens you need and want to take your bouquets to the next level!

Our fresh cut Greens, with their fragrant, crisp, and attractive hearty green colors, are wonderful aromatic and decorative fillers. Their broad, silver-green leaves are abundant on tall, flexible stems. Perfect to combine with all our bulk flowers, greens enhance unique and romantic wedding bouquets, elegant floral arrangements, and mesmerizing table centerpieces.

A Floral Designer favorite and an absolute must have, especially if seeking a garden look or rustic garden look, Greens are ideal for events, weddings, graduations, and more!

Our Greens are renowned for their premium quality, freshness, and long-lasting vase life. Our Greens come fresh directly from the farms and are available year-round.


Greenery and Foliage

Spanish Moss 10 lb.


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